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Hello, I'm Ashley

I'm Sure you came here to Learn More about me. Lol No I don't read minds. But Here I would like to share a little about my goals and aspirations as I start this new journey. Maybe you are wondering, How did she go from Working in Mental Health to wanting to be a Fashion Designer?

    My Story

    For the last couple of years I have been working as a Mental Health Advocate in different capacities at different organizations but mainly as a Peer or Person with Lived Experience and utilizing my recovery story to inspire and partner with other people who may be struggling in their journey. Before Working as a Mental Health Advocate I practiced a lot of my foundational skills in customer service while working in food service. But behind working jobs I have always maintained being a multi passionate artist and worked to find ways to share my work with the world in some way. 

    I see the grand designs in fashion that I enjoy as a merge of the type of art I enjoy creating. I deeply enjoy the visual art of textiles and how abstract and emotional it can make you feel. I enjoy performance art and how a particular gown however muted in color can fill the room with its beauty and shock audiences with its movement. I enjoy installation art and how the combination of textiles, styles and techniques can change the architecture and purpose of a room. When I was graduating high school with the naive certainty that I knew what I would be doing with my life I never thought that I would end up here. Check out my Journey as I blog about my experiences and the new things I discover and the projects I embark on.

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